Wireless Power Transmission

STEP is active on several issues related to the design of systems and devices for Wireless Power Transmission (WPT) and electromagnetic energy harvesting. Skills are related both to the design of low-power long-range links based on the use of rectennas (rectifying antennas) and to the design of high-power mid/low-range links based on the use of magnetically coupled resonant systems.

Since 2007, STEP researchers have been applying WPT solutions in a wide range of areas:

  • Battery-free medical devices such as pacemakers (Experimental Characterization of a 434 MHz wireless energy Link for Medical Applications ).
  • Wireless sensor networks for avionics applications. In this field, STEP cooperated with Aviospace srl (EADS Astrium Company) and CMC srl (Carovigno BR  –  Italy).
  • Energy autonomous wireless sensors. We collaborated with Telecom Italia in the framework of the program Working Capital - Premio Nazionale per l’Innovazione (A 2.45-GHz Vivaldi Rectenna for the Remote Activation of an End Device Radio Node).
  • Power generation from solar energy conversion to direct current. We were involved in the project "Nano-Rectenna For High Efficiency Direct Conversion of Sunlight to Electricity" funded by Regione Puglia in the framework of the program POR 2000-006- (Progetto Strategico PS_104). The project was developed in collaboration with the group CREA (Energy and Environment Research Center, University of Salento) and the Italian National Research Council (CNR).
  • Harvesting of electromagnetic energy associated to wireless telecommunication systems (UHF Rectenna Using a Bowtie Antenna, Monopole-Based Rectenna for Microwave Harvesting of UHF RFID Systems, ISM Band rectenna Using a Ring Loaded Monopole, UHF Wearable Rectenna on Textile Materials).

STEP won the first prize in Agrifood-Cleantech category of ‘Start-Cup Puglia 2012’ with a proposal aiming at developing a wirelessly powered pacemaker.

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