Since 2001, the STEP team has been designing, implementing and experimenting innovative ICT software. As a result, a mature know-how is offered in several advanced ICT areas, such as: high performance parallel and distributed computing; knowledge processing; management and exploitation of data coming from heterogeneous sources, including RFIDs and sensors.

STEP ICT skills have grown up during several international projects, such as:

"RFID from Farm to Fork" (F2F) - European project co-funded through the CIP ICT PSP programme, launched by the University of Wolverhampton and run with other 7 partners, representing 5 EU states. The aim of the project was to showcase RFID technology to SMEs in the food & drink industry and to identify and trace food information along the supply chain.

“Computing on Demand for Electromagnetic Software and Applications” (CODES) - Cooperative Research Project (CRAFT) under the European Commission Sixth Framework Program (FP6). This project has involved six small medium enterprises, three research centres and an industry (i.e., THALES Airborne Systems, France). CODES Mission was apply Grid and Web technologies to face emerging demand for High Performance Computing in Electromagnetic Software and Applications.

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