RAMSES (RFID Augmented Module for Smart Environmental Sensing)

RAMSES (RFID Augmented Module for Smart Environmental Sensing), our computational RFID platform enabling zero-power sensor data transmission, has been recently announced by RFID Journal in its weekly column "RFID News Roundup". RAMSES is able to harvest the RF energy emitted by an EPCglobal-compliant Class-1 Generation-2 reader placed up to 10 meters away and autonomously perform sensing, computation, and data communication.

Furthermore, for applications requiring larger operating distances, RAMSES can operate in a battery-assisted passive (BAP) mode, extending the communication range up to 22 meters. Our latest RAMSES revision employs the Impinj’s Monza X-2K RFID chip with dual I2C-RFID interface, the ultra-low-power TI MSP430 Wolverine MCU featuring Ferroelectric RAM (FRAM), and is equipped with temperature, ambient light, barometric pressure, and 3-axis acceleration sensors.

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